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Before I started with the sessions I was in a very depressed state of mind, restless, anxious, filled with rage and absolutely low on energy. With prolonged work, family and relationship issues I had lost a sense of direction in my life. Once we started working, not only did the the sessions resolve all the issues, but they also answered the deeper questions I had about life and existence. Ms Dutt helped me understand and get in touch with a way of life that I always had the longing for. By the end of the sessions I had regained all my energies and was filled with joy, peace and serenity. Ms Urmi with her tireless efforts, miraculously positive energy, knowledge, guidance and warmth helped me recover, regain my strengths and made me fall in love with myself unconditionally. It has been sometime since I completed my sessions and I can proudly say that I am in a very blissful state. I am able to concentrate on things that I really want to do and I am moving ahead in life with joyful confidence and a newly found sense of fun which I never knew existed! Tarun Wadhwa

I have met Urmi some 4 times in the last couple of months. I went to her more out of curiosity than conviction. But after talking to her and more importantly,having her listen to me, there has been a definite shift in my thinking. Under her guidance and her healing Reiki and Theta, I have been peeling off layers of fear... I now hope to get to the real me sometime soon. It will happen. Thank you Urmi. Name Withheld

"Urmi's work is based on deep insights, thorough research, 360 degree approach, and a passion to help clients help themselves. She is excellent at her work! Through sessions with her, she has helped me understand my emotions and release trapped emotions. This has given me freedom and confidence to reach for my dreams. I strongly recommend her for healing, as an option for all those seeking to grow and lead happy lives". Name withheld.

Since the past two years I had sudenly develped some symptoms which nobody could diagnose. My mind became very restless and I began to have continuous negative thoughts which would not leave me. My studies suffered and my life became directionless. I had just 2 sessions with Urmi Aunty. After the first session I felt 80% better, after the 2nd session the symptoms were gone! And now I am off to the UK to pursue further studies! Pavan Juneja

"With hypnotherapy, I achieved a considerable amount of Inner Chlld healing. I no longer feel like a victim. I have understood the meaning of taking self responsibility. I feel more integrated and able to parent my own 'Inner Child'. There is a lot more happiness in my life and I am at peace in my own company." Name Withheld

I have found my sessions with Ms Urmi Dutt very helpful. When I first started I was very low and occasionally suicidal and my mood remained on the downside. However, once I started the sessions I immediately felt more positive about life and my future. At first I was extremely skeptical but now I feel very confident that the sessions played a major role inmy recent change of mood. I am feeling much better now and would recommend anyone who is going through a tough time to try this form of therapy. Sanya Singh

After the therapy, there is a huge change in my outlook towards life. I feel more positive and have started to look forward to things in life all over again. I have started to believe that I can release all my inner blocks and can handle situations in life in a much better way. Name Withheld

Urmi's reiki & hypnosis methods of healing have helped me tremendously. I had guilt issues & problems with my mother. Urmi helped me to face these & overcome them by releasing old hurts & emotions. I now feel so much lighter & free of conflicts in my mind. It seems to have helped all my relationships because my own attitude has changed & I feel much more positive. I thank Urmi every single day! Name withheld

Reiki is a very beautiful technique to connect to ourselves. It has numerous advantages. I had a very beautiful experience after doing my 1st degree. I noticed a high level of improvement in my body immunity and health after doing this. Apart from this I could meditate very easily for a long time with an extreme level of relaxation and peace of mind. Reiki also helped me to cure some of my very near and dear ones from their long standing illnesses and wounds which are not easily curable by medicines. I had an intense sinus problem. After doing Reiki for a few days the holy energy cured it completely and I am fine now. It's great. Everyone should learn this. Pravar Tandon

For the last ten years, I had been suffering from a ear related balance disorder called Menniere's Disease. In April 08 I had a severe relapse. Even basic movement was difficult due to constant giddiness. Along with a new homeopathic treatment, I contacted Urmi in Nov 08. As the 48 day cycle of treatment progressed, I got better and better. Amazingly, people say I look younger and not just well, but thriving. Reiki also helped me throw out the negative emotions that were bottled up. I am a different person now - more open, confident and very positive. I thank Urmi for her dedicated support and would confidently recommend her treatment. I believe in myself again and in my health and happy future. Paarul Chand, 9811210418, Co-Founder & Partner In-Charge Social Research under Bright Life Foundation for People,Writing Shop, Media & Life Skills Training

I was going in for a knee replacement surgery. The Doctor told me it would take a minimum of 3 months to heal and would be very painful as I am almost 70 years old now. I requested Urmi to give me Reiki healing pre and post surgery. It is one and a half months since the surgery was completed. The Doctor's here are calling it a 'miracle cure' They say nobody could have healed so well, so soon as I have. I know it is due to Reiki. Anita Purkayastha

I was suffering from lower back pain for many months. It was almost becoming chronic. I requested for Reiki healing from Urmi. She told me she would treat me for 21 days. However, the pain vanished by the second day! It's been several months since, and the pain has not come back. Pankaj Dutt

1st Degree Experience: I had been suffering from spondilitis for about 2 years. This disease had made me quite sick both physically and mentally. I consulted a lot of doctors who charged a lot of money and gave me anti stress sedatives, painkillers etc. But none of this worked. So I decided to try out Reiki.After my 1st Degree attunement from Urmi, I practised the prescribed self healing for 21 days. The pain and dizziness just vanished! I tried healing my mother's leg and my uncle's stomach ache and discovered I could heal as well!
Today I have my health in my very own hands. I feel Reiki 1st Degree has transformed my life. Thank You Urmi. Ashim Sharma, ashimsharma@gmail.com

This is to let you know that Reiki healing has given me a new life which I had lost due to depression. I regained myself, my inner consciousness and my self confidence which was hampered by my circumstances. The most important was the procedure I went through with Urmi ji, she really listened to all my issues and step by step provided me with the solutions. Today I have regained myself emotionally and mentally. Able to handle things on my own and taking responsibility for everything - the good and bad happening in my life. To conclude I can say that Reiki has really helped me to understand the concept of life. Meghna Sood

It has been indeed a wonderful life changing experience for me to consciously observe, fight and improve the deep rooted misconceptions and opinions about my own self. I feel empowered and composed now to deal with life situations more intelligently at ease. It is rather a transition from being a good person to a better 'self evolved being'. Hypnosis therapy has not only cleansed me thoroughly but has instilled in me loads of confidence and positivity towards the potential opportunities in life. It's more like a responsibility for your own self to feel better, stay healthy, happy and be an inspired being. I wholeheartedly thank Urmi and wish her all the luck to keep up the good work.. It is just a beginning for me to undergo this beautiful transition and be prepared for the wonderful challenges in life. Manjusha

I was suffering from depression and vertigo for quite sometime and drugs were not helping. I wanted to get off my psychiatric drugs. Over 5 hypnotherapy sessions with Urmi, I was totally healed. I feel very elated without any of the previous symptoms. No anxiety, no depression, no vertigo. I sleep well, I eat well, I live life happily once again. My relationship with my mother and brother which used to trouble me before, now no longer trouble me. I have learned to release
them with forgiveness and love. There is an overall feeling of well being. I found the whole process fascinating. Urmi is a very persuasive and pleasant therapist with thorough knowledge of a very effective therapeutic modality. DINESH MOHAN

My 6 year old daughter was having recurring nightmares and would get up screaming and frightened. We tried a lot of things, but nothing worked. Finally we decided to ask Urmi for help. She did just one session of hypnotherapy on me, and my daughter's nightmares have vanished for good ! The core issue was identified and resolved in just one sitting. I can't thank Urmi enough for helping us. My daughter is doing well and happy. Deepti Arora Ahuja

I wanted to quit smoking after about 20 years. I tried many times on my own and could not give up. Finally I tried hypnotherapy with Urmi. 5 sessions were enough to help me give up the habit for good! The therapy was very thorough and my cravings are completely gone. I am really happy about giving up smoking. It feels so free to be nicotine free! Name Withheld

I was in a very low-life condition when I stumbled upon Mrs Urmi’s website. I decided to pay her a visit and start with Hypnotherapy. With prolonged relationship issues, family issues, work-related issues and no direction, I had been going through a long phase of depression. I had become a very negative person and had lost value for all things in life. Mrs Urmi, as my mentor, patiently heard me out and over a few sessions of Hypnotherapy, changed my perspective towards life and gave me clarity in terms of making the right decisions pertaining to things that were pulling me down. It gave me the strength to end a painful relationship which had been the biggest hurdle to overcome. Thereafter, I started prioritizing my life, and focusing on my personal and spiritual growth. I am now a happier and a more positive person with healthier relationships with my family and friends. I will always remember Mrs Urmi’s very powerful words-‘It is important to love yourself’. Name withheld

Urmi, just wanted to drop in a 'thank you' for the sessions. It is so liberating to let go of some of the belief systems that hold you back. And it makes you feel so good. Neha

I would like to thank Urmi ma'am for her healing sessions. I was going through the worst phase of my life. I was depressed, my marriage was falling apart...did not know what the future had in store for me. And I was so disheartened that my mind was constantly occupied with negative self talk. I saw a couple of psychiatrists, but it did not help.
When I came for the sessions, I was not sure what the outcome would be, as the whole experience was new to me.
But I went with an open mind, and just after the first session I started to feel better. By the end of 3 sessions, my entire perspective towards life had changed. I became very peaceful, positive and clear in my thoughts. Everything which seemed to be wrong just started to turn in the right direction.
I am very grateful to Urmi ma'am. This healing has changed me completely and has paved the way for me to have a fulfilling life. The learnings from these sessions will stay with me forever. RITU


I would like to share my personal experience regarding my mother's healing under the able guidance& expert treatment of Respected Madam Urmi Dutt. My mother is 67 yrs old known case of Parkinsonism under medication. Last year in the month of May she developed drug induced psychosis wherein she had almost committed suicide. Thereafter she was under treatment by the psychiatrist who started Antipsychotic medication.Slowly & steadily the dose started increasing.The side effects were quite alarming in form of hypotension, excessive sleepiness.I came across Madam Urmi Dutt who after very careful listening to my mother's case history started with Theta healing & simultaneously transpersonal regression therapy.I found improvement in her energy levels as the Chakras were blocked which were slowly & steadily cleared by Madam Urmi. Mother's violent nature started improving & her cognition also became better. However as my mother was not in a mentally stable condition to personally attend the Transpersonal regression therapy, so I underwent the sessions on mom's behalf. This is known as surrrogate healing. Mom was getting healed up slowly & steadily..Almost 8 Months have passed & now her Antipsychotic medication dose has been reduced from almost 200mg to 12 mg only..Such a drastic reduction in her dosage could have only happened with Madam Urmi Dutt's expert management. Presently my mother is on a recovery phase & she would definitely recover fully. She now talks sensibly however not fully recovered.I being a medico have full faith in the Creator's healing power & sincerely advice all those patients especially psychiatric ones who have not yet fully recovered by the Psychiatrist's to.please give a serious thought by consulting Madam Urmi Dutt if you are seriously concerned about ur kith & kin's wellbeing. Dr  Rajesh Malhotra


Client Testimonials


I was going through a lot of uncertainties, confusions, and strangely enough for me, I was intrinsically feeling sad most of the time. I was looking out for a therapist and a friend of mine suggested me to Urmi. These sessions that I have had with her have brought in a completely new perspective to things, I feel  happy, aware and alive almost all the time. During these sessions I realised about so many things I was carrying with me which were stopping me from doing things I wanted to. The sessions have helped me release these stuck emotions and feelings, and fill in vibrancy, positivity and enthusiasm in my system. I want to express my gratitude to Urmi for being a wonderful therapist and guide to me. It feels as if a new door has opened up for me leading to a bright, colourful and glorious path, and I feel I am going to travel the distance. Lokesh


My mother was suffering from depression for the past 26-27 years & used to have cycles of depression every year or so. I got to know about urmi ma'am through her website while searching for hypnotherapists in gurgaon. After i talked to her she suggested regression therapy sessions & theta healing for her. And true to her words my mother's depression was completely cured after 4 therapy sessions & one cycle of theta healing. In my mother's words, her life is completely changed, she got rid of her life long suffering & has come out to be a more positive person. As of me i was really amazed by how quickly the therapy worked as she felt much better after even only one session.  About urmi ma'am i can say is that she is a very positive, intuitive & down to earth person and she has a very individualised approach for treatment. The best thing about her is that how approachable she is, she will reply to your each and every call, sms or mail & that too very promptly. I really feel that she has been a god's blessing for my mother. She is doing a great work & i wish her good luck for all her future endeavours. Teena

Scared to live, feared to die, wild beast and wilder ma, I was knitting the world in vicious ties. The strengths which I had chosen Dttover the years - to serve as brick and mortar, had paled away, when tested by seen and unforeseen circumstances. A certain blessing prevailed and I started the Transpersonal Regression Therapy with Ms Urmi Dutt. Moment I started the first session I felt a deep comfort. I could safely curl up and let go of my blockages, pre-determined biases and in that tranquility, sift through my grains of life experience - self indulgently, without judgement, without hesitation - started falling more and more in love with myself - the 'unconditional love'! The feeling of belonging within me, being compassionate and empathetic could have never been achieved had I not been guided by Ms Dutt. With my mind in peace now, my career, social life and relationships are gaining an unparalleled level of understanding, warmth and love. Imagination, creativity and innovation flow naturally. My soul feels liberated. Ms Dutt helped me get in touch with my core self - my best attributes, values, emotions and purpose. All thanks to Ms Dutt's tireless efforts and miraculously positive energy. I am all st to charge ahead in life. My appreciation for her guidance and therapy will remain constant at the speed of light, if not more so. Many, many thanks! Sonali

The session helped me so much in very many ways. I feel all my feelings again. I am much happier, I feel a lot lighter and a number of blocks have been removed in my material life, like changing jobs etc. Just one session gave me a sense of intense peace which stayed with me for months. Sarina Tewari

Urmi helped our 6 year old who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our daughter had a lot of behavioural challenges and being non verbal had a lot of aggression and frustration. Urmi started her healing process and in 3 months we saw our daughter settling down, much more at peace, receptive to others and even her expressive speech increased. Our quality of life improved a lot with our daughter settling down and her emotional and behavioural challenges being significantly reduced. Today she goes to a six hour school and is doing very well overall in her progress. Urmi is a clear headed person who is empathetic yet tough. This helps immensely when life is unclear, ambiguous and absolutely unpredictable. Thank you Urmi! Smriti Chand

"Urmi is a clairvoyant and healer of a special kind. Her Reiki healing was my backbone of inner strength when everything I knew in my personal life was falling apart. After only one month of her healing, my entire relationship with my partner turned around, and its so vibrant, joyful and passionate now. Just exactly as I wanted it to be all this time...from a phase when we were considering separation, to now when my partner and I joke that if we knew we both were soulmates, we would not have wasted the 10 best years of our lives. I feel empowered that I have been able to change my life's circumstances on my own. Urmi's healing gave me the inner conviction through gentle healing and guidance, to explore my own fears and let them go easily. I was better able to deal with a very trying and tough phase of life, simply because I was always feeling whole & strong from inside." Name Withheld

My son Noel Paul ,15 years,was under Urmi Dutt's healing programme for 6 months this year. Noel has a lifelong condition of autism - though verbal, he has numerous communication impairments and suffers from bouts of hyperactivity. He did benefit through this healing - there was improvement in his expressive communication and focus. Debashis Paul

I am an artist and have been dealing with issues related to money for sometime now. I requested Urmi to help me with this. She gave me reiki, a few sessions of regression followed by hypnosis. All of this has helped me value myself and my work. As a result, my work has increased and I am no longer nervous about my client meets. Money has started to flow in my bank and I am definitely very happy about it :) Thanks a ton for the miracles.
Sarandeep Grover

One of the first things that Urmi told me about Reiki was that it was for people who wanted to take control. So true! In the process of being healed and learning the art of healing, I have found myself back in the driving seat of my own life. Physically, quite a few of my ailments have subsided, some (like asthma) even disappeared! However, it is my that has seen the greater shift. I have managed to shake off the lethargy that engulfed me for many, many years. Through Reiki and other healing methods, Urmi has managed to get me to open my eyes and thank God for the enormous wealth I already have. The nicest of husbands, the most perfect daughter, good enough health and good fortune. I realised, through her, that there was so much unnecessary angst in me for my mother. Once I realised that, it was so easy to let it go. The best thing has been my Empowerment. I now KNOW that whatever happens, I am in control and that everything will come together and support me if I want it to! At the risk of sounding very corny, I'd like to add that, Urmi Dutt was sent to me to be my own personal guardian angel. I now look forward to taking my own healing further, so in time I can become an Urmi to other Anjanas. Anjana Sen

On the advice of Urmi Dutt – Reiki, Healing, Hypnosis and Past Regression expert, I started practising meditation to attain my inner calm. Urmi gave me an audio CD by Deepak Chopra called “Chakra Balancing” and asked me to listen to it for one month. It was of 45 min duration, and it became an integral part of my morning yoga sessions. I always felt rejuvenated and energized to face the day after listening to it. After two weeks had passed, something happened. As I started playing the CD and concentrating, a soft blue cloud appeared before my eyes. Wherever I looked, the wispy indigo cloud floated before my eyes with a soft glow… giving me the impression of gazing into eternity. It was peaceful and… mindblowing. And it came back the next day, the day after and everyday. I asked Urmi the implications and whether it was just my wild imagination. She said, “Your Third Eye Chakra is opening.”  I learned later that the Third Eye Chakra opens up the hidden chambers of clairvoyance, wisdom and intuition in the human mind, giving one enormous mental and spiritual powers. I don’t know if I have attained that, but surely… the blue light haunts me everyday, and I feel truly enriched and empowered. Raja Biswas

I have known Urmi for almost 12 years and have always had a very special relationship with her. It's always been a relationship which has been easy and honest. And though we weren't in touch frequently, whenever we spoke, it was like we had been speaking every day. I knew she had started healing, but we never spoke about it, till the day I just checked her site. And I messaged her that I had lost my fire. This led to my meeting her. And then I made some shocking discoveries about myself. I didn't anything about myself. What I liked, what I disliked. What I wanted, where I was going. For many years now, I would move from one astrologer to another, waiting for them to tell e what my life was about and never getting my answers. A couple of sessions of hypnotherapy, I started realizing where this all was coming for. I might not know all the answers, but I k now quite a lot of them now. It changed the way I think and live. As I say, I am now on a different plane. Every feeling and reaction is from this other plane. I decide the way my life moves. I am making my present and future. I finally know myself for the person I am and not the one I have been pretending to be. I have started enjoying my space. I am happier. Work is better. And most importantly, I don't need another person to make me feel important. All those expectations which arose from big time insecurity are gone. I haven't felt like this ever. For me this journey has just started. There is so much more to learn. And I am so glad Urmi put me on this path. Love you Urmi. Deepti Arora Ahuja

Curiosity and deep interest in the Metaphysical topics, Power of Subconscious Mind, Energy and Chakra Healings made me search on Google to find out about practitioners in Gurgaon and land up at Urmi’s  desk. Perhaps as Urmi says – there is no such thing as coincidence – every happening is the byproduct of cause and effect. The journey with Urmi in the past 7 months has been the most interesting and educating part of my life. Through her Energy healing and hypno therapies, I have been able to access many parts of my subconscious mind, which forms 80% of our consciousness. I have not only been able to understand myself, my reactions and reasons of my behavioral traits, but also have been able to accept every aspect of myself as part of evolving process. It is amazing to find out that one can actually connect all the dots in one’s life and realize that everything in life happens for a purpose and to help one grow to higher self. I am able to actually experience all negative energies disappearing, not only in me, but in people around me. I have found this experience with Urmi to be extremely useful and effective as compared to any other public sessions, such as Landmark Forum, that I am aware of. Urmi is highly knowledgeable in her subject and has scientific approach to everything. This reassures skeptics like me, who tread somewhere in between the boundaries of faith and reasoning. Thanks Urmi – for all the things that I could learn about myself through you! The journey continues… VINUTHA

After receiving reiki classes from Ms Urmi Dutt I have more awareness of living in the present. I feel more responsible about my attitude. In the past I had anger, depression and violent behaviour resulting in break up of family, business, relatives. Now after 43 days it's hard to express my joy and happiness in my life through reiki.I have lost my anger ,and depression. It's a miracle for me and others. Everything and everybody is coming back to my life. I thank Urmi mam for being my teacher and giving me new life. K.P.Singh, Mob No.9899809060

I used to suffer from terrible knee pain in both knees. It was becoming difficult to walk or climb stairs. I had tried various doctors for 3 years, but the pain only grew worse.

I heard Urmi was practicing Reiki and requested her to help me. Believe it or not, within 15 days of starting Reiki my knees improved considerably. By 21 days I was completely cured. Today I climb four flights of stairs daily without any problem. I can walk around easily and have regained my life! I was healed over 2 years ago and have not faced any problems since. Sujana Ganguly

My father, almost 80 years old, was suffering from acute sciatica problem of the left hip and leg. He could barely walk and was in constant pain. Visits to the Doctor were of no avail. I called up Urmi and asked her to give distance Reiki healing for him. Overnight the pain vanished and in delight he walked around continuously for 2 days non-stop! Sharmila Mallik

Reiki works very well on animals. I have had great success in healing my pet dogs. My nine year old golden retriever used to suffer from chromic dysentery. Constant visits to the Vet and courses of anti-biotics did not help. I decided to try Reiki. He is completely healed now and my visits to the Vet have stopped! Urmi Dutt

All of you who love and care for animals will know what having a pet is like...they are like your babies...And when I started to look around for someone who could help my babies with the blessing of reiki.....I contacted Urmi. She not only helped their situation but also helped me in so many ways that perhaps only a healer can.One of our dogs who found even walking from one room to the other a huge effort (due to arthritis) is now back to running and playing and feeling fit.

When I sometimes think back I suspect that my pets' illness was a situation which was put in place by destiny or whatever other forces there might be..so that I could meet Urmi and start on my own spiritual journey. Richa Misra

When I met Urmi for the first time during the first degree Reiki session, she came across as someone with clarity of thought, deep understanding and immense patience. She heard my problems without flinching and took me through two sessions of Reiki over a period of two months. There has, without doubt, been an incredible change in my personality which induced a positive change in my environment. I have managed to rid myself of an inherent fear of people and relations. My confidence picked up and I have been able to take tough and long pending decisions.

Urmi has also been instrumental in helping me through a very tumultuous phase wherein I lost my brother. Through her clairvoyant abilities, past-life regression and counseling, I have managed to take control of the situation. Urmi is my teacher, a friend and a confidant. She is always available with a patient ear and goes out of her way to extend a helping hand to a seeker or a person in need. I will always be thankful to the higher power that I have Urmi as a guide and a support in my life. Shivani Kapur

I am 19 years old. Hypnotherapy and Reiki has helped me to overcome many fears and anxieties and useless thoughts which create tension. I now feel as if a burden from over my head is cleared and hence I feel light. Name withheld

I am 63 years old and a recent event in my life had left me shattered. Through hypnotherapy and reiki, I have regained myself. I feel I have evolved closer to the ethereal love of God. My faith in life is renewed and I am resurrected. I think Urmi is a magician! Name withheld

Urmi di is a truly gifted individual and that is something I want to say before I say anything else. She is amazing in connecting up with you. Her reiki skills and alternative healing methods have made a positive difference in my life. She helped us with distant healing for my father (69) who had a very complex heart surgery which lasted 12 hrs. My father healed well and still doing well (touch wood), the thing about urmi di, through the entire process she was very reachable and always had comforting words.

Most of us may have experienced this at some point in our lives, I am sure, when we don’t know where we are and where are we headed. It’s like being in a maize and not knowing it’s a maize, you just keep going around in circles or squares and not understanding why one is not getting anywhere. I met Urmi di, when I was in one of those life maize, if I may call it that, and I just dint know where to go with it or what to do. She is so professional in her approach and has a very sensitive side to the healing process that she applies. The therapy helped me in identifying where I was and gave me the much needed perspective in coping with the situation. The best thing about the alternative therapy Urmi di offers is that it is totally personalised and customised to an individual’s condition, problem, intensity of problem and willingness to let it work.

It is a process and one needs to let it work it’s course, which, for me was very difficult initially. Urmidi, very patiently led me through a very emotional and difficult process and she does it with such ease and confidence without letting you realise that she is actually helping you. We all are unique and different and thus, by virtue of this difference we are all special and that is exactly what this alternative therapy does, it creates per specific needs-specific solutions. Thank you Urmi di, with deep regards, always. SHRADDHA

I would like to thank Ms Urmi. I had been going through depression for a long time. I had buried the negative thoughts and feelings deep inside me but that did not help. Hypnotherapy helped bring them out and resolved the issues which helped me understand my own worth. Name Withheld

I feel grounded, aware and more free than I felt before therapy. It has brought about a lot of good changes in my system. There is a sense of peace and gentleness inside. I have started on the creative process of writing, giving me a good channel for my anger and energy. I speak to myse;lf with care and without too much judgement. I am accepting of my limitations and others'. Earlier I was more critical and harsh. This makes me calmer and more settled, like I don't have to compulsively and insistently 'having' to do or say something. I feel a good phase in my life has begun. Name Withheld

I was getting tightness in my chest & consulted Urmi. She thought I had attachment issues & needed to 'let go' in my close relationships. After two sessions, chakra balancing & 21 days of affirmations, I feel fine. Anil

I was very skeptical about hypnotherapy since I heard about it couple of years ago..I never dared to go and visit anyone. With Gods grace, I don’t suffer from any ailment as such. I just wanted to calm down my mind which used to be bogged down with unnecessary thoughts leading to depression at most times. One day I decided that I have to see someone who I can relate to, discuss my personal matters and guide me to be a better person. As luck would have it, I came across Urmi and since then my life has changed for the better. My association with Urmi has been since Dec 2011…I have found Urmi to be an extremely down to earth, warm and most importantly, a very reliable person.

I have lost count of the total number of sessions that I took from her but honestly every session was like an eye opener, making me leave behind my past and make me a more positive person. I must have called her so many times after my sessions to ask her n number of questions, clarify n number of doubts and believe me she has been so cooperative and helpful and she always gave me a sound listening. She went out of her way to help me at each and every stage that I needed her advice. I wish Urmi lots of success, happiness and fame in her life" Warm Regards, Priyanka Rawlley

I started therapy with Urmi in Jan this year and I continued my sessions for 5 months intensively. During that period many issues came up - some that I was conscious of and some so deep that I was not conscious of them yet they were affecting me in a large way. At the end of the therapy some of my largest and most important issues that were hampering me and my growth were resolved and I transcended into a different level of growth by Having dealt with and resolved my issues. Without the therapy it would have taken me years and even then maybe I would not have reached the point I am at now. My 9 year old daughter also had attention and Learning disabilities and UrmiI did distance healing for her over a long period of time. At the end of the period now she is a different person - not just from an attention and learning point of view - but from a personality of view - she is very centred, happy and confident. Again without the therapy this may not have happened no matter what we tried and how much time went by. All I can say is I am very grateful that God directed me to Urmi as a channel to resolve very critical issues for me and my family and help our growth in the right direction. Pia Singh

 " I was suffering from a neuromuscular illness (myasthenia gravis) because of which i was experiencing weakness of all the muscles of the body, it got relapsed after 10 years even though i had got the surgery done for it. So medical management was not offering me much help except for the symptomatic relief which was also not very effective & was associated with lots of side effects . I wanted to try some alternative therapy &  so went ahead for regression therapy after talking to Urmi ma'am as she showed a very positive response regarding it.

I took 11 sessions & my life was literally changed after that. Not only i got free from the disease symptoms gradually & was off the medicines in 2-3 months but there was so much positive change in my psyche,  such that i would have to meditate for many years to bring those changes by myself. And most important thing is that i have been able to ground my feet firmly on my spiritual path. I can say without doubt that presence of Urmi ma'am has been a God's grace in my life. I have learnt so many things & got to understand what was actually happening in my life from a different or higher perspective. I am really thankful to Urmi ma'am & it is really very difficult for me to express fully how much i felt uplifted after the sessions. Best thing i like about her is how beautifully she links the healing process with spirituality or we can say with our higher reality & also how she takes an individualistic approach for healing.

I will always be grateful to her for all she has done for me, and I really feel that God is ever showering her with his blessings for the great work she is doing." Dr Teena


I wish to let you know that you have completely transformed my life. You allowed me to open and share my feelings & experiences that I have never shared with anyone before. You helped me go through my life experiences in a scientific and meaningful way. Through this approach you have helped me understand the real 'ME' for which I shall be forever grateful to you. 

Thank you for your compassion, kindness, support and encouragement. I owe my success to you and your ability to heal me completely of my negative biases and deep rooted blockages that were the primary hindrances in my path to success in business and life." Alok Rai